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Mary's Creek Basin Water Recycling Center Site Selection Study

The Fort Worth Water Department conducted a Mary's Creek Basin Water Reclamation Facility Site Selection Study. The study's purpose was to identify the three best possible locations for a new wastewater treatment/water recycling facility.

On, July 26, 2011, the Fort Worth City Council approved purchasing a 100-acre tract of land for the future Mary’s Creek Water Reclamation Facility for $4,900,000. The site off Chapin Road in western Fort Worth is on the north side of Mary’s Creek near the Waste Management landfill. Click here to view a map.

The funding source is wastewater impact fees, which are paid by new development for projects related to growth. Therefore, the land purchase has no impact on wastewater rates.

Only about half of the land is needed for the actual facility, but a larger tract is being purchased to provide additional buffer and allow for another city use that has yet to be determined. While facility is not needed for over a decade, acquiring the land now is important because as development progresses, the availability of large tracts becomes more difficult.

The water reclamation facility would be the second for the utility, which operates the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility in eastern Fort Worth and five drinking water treatments plants spread across the city. The newest, the Westside Water Treatment Plant, began operation in April 2012. It is on Old Weatherford Road, near the site for the Mary’s Creek WRF.

The water department may be able to gain some operational efficiency from the close proximity of the two treatment facilities. In addition, land owner, The 820 Management Trust, was willing to negotiate the sale for a portion of its tract, eliminating the challenge of using eminent domain to acquire a site.

The Water Department estimates the new water reclamation facility needs to be operational in about 2025 to accommodate growth on the Fort Worth’s west side. A westside water reclamation facility is critical so that the water department can continue fulfilling its mission of protecting public health and the environment. In addition, reuse of treated wastewater is a significant component of future water supply planning for our area. Water reuse in western Fort Worth is unlikely without a Mary’s Creek Water Reclamation Facility.

Speakers are avaialble to meet with neighborhood organizations and civic groups regarding this project. To request a speaker, e-mail or call 817-392-8253 at least two weeks prior to the meeting date.

Below is information on the site selection process that lead to the land purchase.

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