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Seminars offer savings in water… and moneywater saving seminars

Using less water is not only good for the environment; it is also great for saving some extra dollars.

The Fort Worth Water Department, in partnership with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, is hosting a series of FREE seminars, highlighting the “how to of water-saving landscapes.”

Through these seminars attendees will learn:

  • How to keep landscapes healthy even with water restrictions
  • How to plan and grow a water-saving garden/landscape
  • How to perform irrigation check-ups; make minor repairs and adjustments to your system
  • Why drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method

To register follow the links below. Attendance is limited.

Seminar Schedule

Wednesday, November 5
Rain Gardens - Standing water or erosion a problem in your landscape? A rain garden may be your answer! Rain gardens are shallow depressions in the landscape that collect rainwater. With the broad array of appealing grasses, flowering plants, and natural stone you can incorporate a rain garden into your landscape with ease. Homeowners and businesses will learn how to design, construct, and maintain a rain garden. With proper plant selection and design a rain garden will retain and treat rain water. Plant list provided. All participants must have an official identification card to enter facility. Seminar takes place at the Rolling Hills Drinking Water Treatment Plant, 2500 S. Loop 820 Hwy. 76140. IMPORTANT: make sure you bring an official identification card to show security guard.

For more details and to register visit