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Pretreatment Monitoring and Inspections


Self-Monitoring is the term used when an industrial/commercial facility collects and analyzes a wastewater sample. Self-monitoring is reportable if:

The location where the sample was taken is the authorized sample point (outfall);

The sample was collected and analyzed using proper procedures and methods. Please contact Pretreatment Services if you have any questions regarding sampling and analysis;

Proper documentation must accompany the sample.

This includes:

Wastewater Analysis

  • Analytical Results
  • Chain-of-Custodies
  • Laboratory Analysis Quality Control Report
  • Statement of Self Monitoring. (The authorized signatory must sign and date the certification statement included on the form.)

Reports that meet these criteria will be used in calculating the Industrial Users (IU) compliance status for reporting to TCEQ and EPA. It is a violation of the pretreatment permit if the required monitoring and reporting activities are not performed properly (or not performed at all).

The permit issued to each facility has due dates for all self-monitoring activities and reports. The permittee is responsible for reading the permit and complying with all self-monitoring requirements and reporting due dates. Any self-monitoring performed by IU, which meets the criteria listed above, must be reported whether it was done voluntarily or as a requirement of the permit. Selective reporting is a violation of the permit. Receipt of monitoring data 30 calendar days after the due date will result in a reporting violation. Furthermore the facility will be found to be in significant non-compliance (SNC).

##City Monitoring & Inspections

The City of Fort Worth samples the effluent from industrial/commercial facilities and conducts inspections in order to identify, independent of information supplied by nondomestic users, occasional and continuing noncompliance with pretreatment requirements.

The City performs the following inspection and monitoring activities:

Wastewater Sampling

  • Each significant industrial user (SIU) is inspected at least once per year. The effluent from each SIU is sampled by the City at least twice per year. Additional inspections and sampling may be performed to ensure compliance with pretreatment requirements.
  • Liquid Waste Haulers are inspected once per year. Liquid wastes that are disposed at the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility are randomly sampled.
  • Newly constructed or renovated facilities that are required to install grease traps are inspected by PSD prior to startup. Facilities with grease traps may be randomly inspected by the City. The City will inspect a facility if it receives a complaint that a grease trap is not being properly maintained.
  • Sampling of the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility is performed to meet the pretreatment monitoring requirements in the City’s TPDES permit.

Pretreatment violations and/or suspicious activities may result in additional surveillance activities by the City. Groundwater remediation sites that are regulated through a contract are required to submit monthly self-monitoring results for pollutants of concern.

Contact Information

Please contact the Pretreatment Services Division if you have any questions regarding wastewater sampling and pretreatment inspections.

  • Pretreatment Services
  • 920 Fournier Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102
  • Office: 817-392-8305
  • Fax: 817-392-8566<

Email: Pretreatment@fortworthtexas.gov