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Account Fees

Below is a listing of fees assessed to your account based on new account fees, delinquency status, notices, reconnections and after hour requests. Please refer to the chart below for associated charges.

New Account Deposit $50

There is a $50 deposit for residential accounts. This fee can be waived for residential accounts, based on specific criteria. Learn more.

There is an additional fee of $10 for same day service requests.

New Account Activation Fee $20

This fee covers costs associated with application processing.

Notify Fee $20

Fee is associated with a delinquent account due to notifying of possible termination of service.

Lock Meter Fee $20

This fee is applied when service is terminated due to delinquency.

Meter Removal Fee $20

Charge for removal of meter due to non-payment of services.

This fee is not charged if customer requests removal or if repairs are being made.

Transfer Fee $20

This service charge will be included on your first bill at the new address.

An additional $10 will be assessed for same day transfer service.

Reactivation Fee $20

Reactivation of service discontinued due to non-payment of services.

Broken Lock Fee $25

Fee relates to the tampering of lock placed on a meter to prohibit water use due to non-payment of services.

Theft of Service Fee $50

This fee is assessed when it is determined that an illegal or straight connection device has been installed to obtain water service without a meter.

Hang Tag Fee

This fee is based on the number of units, and applies to multi-family dwellings (i.e. apartments).

If a complex fails to maintain an active account, and hang tags are issued, the following apply:

  • 1-2 units $20
  • 3-4 units $25
  • 5-25 units $45
  • 26-75 units $65
  • 75- 125 units $85
  • 125-150 units $100
  • 151 plus units $100 plus $10 for each additional 10 units

If you have any questions related to these fees, please contact Customer Service at 817-392-4477.

Stormwater Utility Fees

The stormwater utility is a monthly user fee that pays for maintenance, improvements to the stormwater drainage system and other stormwater program activities. This fee is similar to other utility fees for water, sewer, and garbage.

For current rate information, visit Stormwater utility fees.

Garbage & Environmental Fees

Garbage and Recycling

Your monthly water bills reflect a fee for residential garbage and recycling collection. This fee is assessed by the Department of Environmental Management. The monthly rate includes once-a-week garbage and recyclables pick up in wheeled carts, once-a-week collection of yard trimmings in paper yard bags or tied bundles, once-a-week collection of up to 10 cubic yards of brush and once-a-month collection of up to 10 cubic yards of bulky items per household. All customers receive a 64-gallon recycling cart. The monthly garbage cart fee is based on selected cart size.

Environmental Fees

In 1993 the Texas Health and Safety Code enacted a law that allowed the City of Fort Worth to impose a local environmental protection fee for people within its jurisdiction. Revenues generated by the fee may cover costs for: 1) disposal services, 2) environmental programs, or 3) environmental services. These dedicated funds help the city pay for Federal and State environmental mandates such as cleaning up abandoned property, asbestos abatement, underground storage tank compliance, storm water management, spill response clean-up, and operation of a household hazardous waste collection facility.

For current rate information, visit Environmental Management Fees page.

For more information concerning Garbage & Environmental Fees - email, 1234@fortworthtexas.gov.