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Winter Quarter Average

The Fort Worth Water Department uses winter quarter averaging to determine the volume charged on residential sewer bills for the 12-month period beginning in April of each year. The amount of water a household uses in the winter months is totaled and divided by the number of days during that period to obtain a daily average. This daily average is used to get a monthly average volume.

These months are used because water usage is usually at its lowest because of minimal landscape watering. The actual three-month period used is based on billing cycles. Generally, these are the residential bills with service dates beginning in December, January and February. Because February is a short month, some of the billing cycles may start in March.

When water lines that serve a home are being replaced, residents are connected to a temporary service line that is not metered. During the replacement time frame, a resident’s winter quarter average consumption is used to bill water volume for that month or months.

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