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Healthy Challenge Wellness Program

The city’s Healthy Challenge Wellness Program rewards all full-time, benefit-eligible employees and retirees on the city’s health insurance.

The Healthy Challenge Program is run on a points system. Participants earn points throughout the year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 15) for completing certain program activities, and participants can redeem these points at the end of the year for a cash reward.

By participating, individuals can earn $150, $200 or $250 by earning a corresponding amount of points.

To qualify for the Healthy Challenge Wellness Program, employees, retirees, or surviving spouses must first complete three requirements:

  1. Complete a Member Health Assessment (MHA) online through Viverae (50 points)
  2. Complete the Tobacco Affidavit online through Viverae (50 points)
  3. Receive a physical from your doctor and submit the Physician Screening Form to Viverae (50 points)

After a participant’s initial 150 points have been earned, additional points can be earned by completing various activities, both onsite and through the Viverae online portal.

Healthy Challenge Payout Program Points System

  • Biometric Screening (Required): 50 points
  • Member Health Assessment (Required): 50 points
  • Tobacco Affidavit or Tobacco Free Program (Required): 50 points
  • Employer challenges (15 points each, 45 points max)
  • Online courses (10 points each, 30 points max)
  • Webinars (5 points each, 30 points max)
  • Questionaires (5 points each, 45 points max)
  • Targeted programs (15 points each, 45 points max)
  • Healthy events (5 points each, 50 points max)

Program Goal: 250 points

For more information, contact the Wellness Program at 817-392-2623.