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TIF 9: Trinity River Vision

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TIF 9 (Trinity River Vision) was created to promote redevelopment along the Trinity River, while creating mixed-use development and utilizing Gateway Park as hydraulic valley storage to provide the necessary flood protection associated with the bypass flood control project.

Date Created: Dec. 16, 2003 by City Council; expanded Dec. 15, 2009
End of Term: Dec. 31, 2044
Total Acreage: 1,380 (TIF 9A); 2,600 (TIF 9B)

Property Description: Generally bounded to the north by Northeast 23rd Street and to the south by West Lancaster Avenue. View the boundary map.

Projects: The primary goal for the central city project is flood control, while secondary goals include continuity of trails, enhanced open space and recreational areas, linkages to nearby neighborhoods, conservation and environmental restoration for improved water quality and wildlife habitat. The bypass channel will generally follow the current path of the Fort Worth & Western Railroad, and when combined with the historic Oakwood Cemetery will provide greenspace that transitions between the proposed urban developments and the historic near northside neighborhoods. In addition to the flood improvement infrastructure constructed in the near northside area, the central city project also calls for improvements within the existing Trinity River corridor to manage flood waters and provide a better use of the flood plain for the public. The project will address the efficiency of the new bypass channel with excavation, fill, and ecosystem restoration enhancements that will provide hydraulic valley storage for the project. These multi-purpose sites will also provide recreation and transportation improvements.

Project and Financing Plan

Last amended Dec. 15, 2009. Download the full plan.

Financial Information

9 9A
Base Value $111,411,746 $19,332,552
2015 Taxable Value $414,744,976 $22,369,155
Percent Growth 272% 16%
2015 City of Fort Worth Contribution $925,606 $20,770

Level of Participation by Entity

City of Fort Worth 80%
Tarrant County Hospital District 80%
Tarrant County College 80%
Regional Water District 80%
Tarrant County 80%

Board Members

  • Chair: Dennis Shingleton, City of Fort Worth
  • Sal Espino, City of Fort Worth
  • Dana Schenck, City of Fort Worth
  • G.K. Maenius, City of Fort Worth
  • Gary Walker, City of Fort Worth
  • Jack Stevens, City of Fort Worth
  • Leah King, City of Fort Worth
  • Merianne Roth, City of Fort Worth
  • Roy C. Brooks, City of Fort Worth
  • Tom Purvis, City of Fort Worth
  • Victor Henderson, City of Fort Worth
  • J.D. Johnson, Tarrant County
  • Jim Lane, Tarrant Regional Water District
  • Angela Robinson, Tarrant County College District
  • Scott Rule, Tarrant County Hospital District

For more information about TIFs, email TIF@fortworthtexas.gov.


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