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Community Action Partners

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Scanned documents required

In order to complete your application and receive services, the following scanned documentation is required. Documents can be scanned using a desk scanner, or by taking clear pictures of the documents with a phone or tablet.

If your application is incomplete due to missing one of the following scanned documents, you will be denied service.



  1. Picture ID for everyone age 16 and over (Driver’ s License, Identfication Card, School Photo ID, etc.)
  2. Proof of US Citizenship for everyone in the Household (Birth Certficates, USA Passport, Green Card, Naturalization Cerfication, Asylum Seeker Certificate)
  3. Secondary Proof of Citizenships such as school record (showing name of child and address/parent’s names, hospital birth record, etc.
  4. Social Security Cards for ALL household members (if applicable).
  5. Proof of any 2020 income earned/received in the last thirty (30) days for all household members 18 years and older, such as:
    1. Checks stubs: 4 stubs if paid weekly, 2-3 stubs if paid bi-weekly, 2 stubs if paid twice a month or 1 stub if paid monthly. Do not submit W2 Tax forms.
    2. 2020 Award Letter(s) (Social Security, SSD, VA, TANF, SSI, etc.)
    3. Pension Statements
    4. Receipt Book if paid in cash
    5. Child Support Statement
    6. Unemployment Income Statement
    7. Declaration of Income Statement form; if there is no income in the household or you are unable to get the documentation.
  6. Current utiltiy bills (front and backside) and any disconneciton notices for: Electric, Gas, Water. Account must be active(not disconnected).
  7. Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) formThis form must be signed by everyone applying for assistance, whether US born or not US born.

I have my documentation and am ready to apply online.


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Fort Worth, 76115

Phone: 817-392-5720

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