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Compost Outpost

Stop bagging leaves every fall and learn how to turn leaves, grass clippings and other yard trimmings into rich, organic mulch for your garden at the Compost Outpost.

Compost Outpost

With very little attention, your yard trimmings break down into nutrient-rich compost that can be used as mulch or fertilizer on your flowerbeds and lawn.

Backyard composting reduces leaf bagging, saves money on paper yard bags, adds nutrients to soil, reduces the need for expensive chemical fertilizer and pesticide, and increases moisture retention in soil by up to 60 percent. In short, composting saves gardeners time, money and water.

All residents benefit from composting, which reduces water pollution (less runoff from lawn chemicals) and saves landfill space and costs.

About the Compost Outpost

Located in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, this outdoor site features different types of compost bins.

Informational signage allows for self-guided tours for all Botanic Garden visitors, and it is a great activity for garden clubs, scouts and school groups.

Become a Master Composter

Learn from the pros


Open from dawn to dusk daily.


Fort Worth Botanic Garden
3220 Rock Springs Road

Take the first left into the garden, which has fountains on both sides. Drive into the Garden and go straight when you come to the stop sign. The path to the Backyard Vegetable Garden is located where Rock Springs Road ends


The Compost Outpost is an education facility — not a place to pick up or drop off compost materials.

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The Compost Outpost is a joint project of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth Park & Recreation, Fort Worth Code Compliance Solid Waste Services, North Central Texas Council of Government and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.