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Community Facilities Agreement (CFA)

A community facilities agreement (CFA) is a contract between the city and a developer that is required whenever the construction of public infrastructure is funded entirely or in part by a private developer. It ensures that new development is adequately served by public infrastructure and that the infrastructure improvements are constructed according to city standards.

A CFA may include any of several categories of infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, street lights, street name signs, traffic signals, storm drainage, water and sanitary sewer. The CFA consists of three parts:

  • Contract – The agreement and corresponding exhibits and cost estimates describing the infrastructure improvements to be constructed or funded;
  • Financial guarantee - A bond, letter of credit, cash escrow or completion agreement in an amount sufficient to guarantee project completion, as required by policy;
  • Fees - Payment for city services, including contract administration, construction-inspection, materials testing and installation of street lights, street name signs and/or traffic signals, as applicable.

The content of a CFA should correspond to the civil construction plans under review by the city's Infrastructure Plan Review Center (IPRC) and must be executed before the associated plat can be filed.

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For additional information about CFA application submittals, contact Evelyn Roberts, 817-392-2025. For additional information regarding CFA Closeouts, Reconciliations and Green Sheets, contact Nathan Benson at 817-392-2053.



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