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Urban Forestry Compliance

The Urban Forestry Compliance Section implements and enforces the Urban Forestry ordinance, which protects healthy and significant trees and ensures planting of trees with land development to achieve the city’s goal of 30 percent overall canopy cover.

Protection and preservation of a portion of the existing trees on each site helps to achieve a multi-aged urban forest and maintain ecological balance.

Tree Removal Permit

Download a tree removal permit application if you have dying or hazardous trees to remove or if you have one (but no more than one) healthy tree to remove.

Urban Forestry Permit

An Urban Forestry Permit is required for, but not limited to:

  • New construction that requires a building or grading permit.
  • Building expansions or additions that are >3,000 sf or 30% of existing structure.
  • Clearing, Grading, and/or Paving including construction or reconstruction of a parking lot, or other flatwork or land disturbance.
  • Filling, if fill is to be placed within 50 feet of existing trees.
  • Sites to be used for urban agriculture.
  • Public projects requiring removal of trees 6” or larger in diameter.
  • Change of use from one- or two-family residential to any other use.
  • Removal of trees that measure 6” diameter or greater at 4.5 ft. above the ground.


  • Construction or reconstruction of a single one- or two-family residence located on a lot that is less than one acre in size.
  • Development within a Designated Design District.

How to apply for a permit

Download the Urban Forestry Permit Application.

Application forms, calculations and site plans may be submitted electronically through the City’s online permitting system or delivered to the address below. Please note that paper applications must include a CD or flash drive containing PDF versions of application documents.

Urban Forestry Compliance Section
Development Services Department, Lower Level #LL 1110 200 Texas St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Sites with Preserved Trees

  • Projects with preserved trees will be assessed a $100 inspection fee to cover pre- and post-grading inspections of tree protection. Additional inspections, including re-inspections, will be billed at $50 per inspection.
  • Following staff approval of tree protection plan, applicant must notify urban forestry staff or submit online request to schedule tree protection inspections.
  • Pre-grading inspection is required prior to issuance of urban forestry or grading permits.


  • Application Fee for Urban Forestry Permit
    • Base fee, first five acres (up to 5.00 acres), including one revision: $250
    • Additional acreage: $15 per acre or portion of an acre added to base fee
    • Additional revisions (each): $100
    • Inspection fee for sites with preserved trees: $50 per inspection. Initial fee will be $100 to cover pre- and post-grading inspections. Additional inspections and associated fees may apply.
  • Application Fee for waiver hearing before Urban Design Commission: $295

City Right-of-Way

Planting or removing trees in the City Right-of-Way requires authorization from the Park and Recreation Department Forestry Section.

For information on planting or caring for trees in Fort Worth, trees in the street right of way or public parks, visit the Parks & Community Services Department’s Forestry Division.

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