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Outdoor Fee-Based Program Agreement

An outdoor fee-based program is an ongoing program or activity that occurs regularly in City of Fort Worth parks, for which participants pay a fee. Instructors or organizations who would like to offer Outdoor Fee-Based Programs at city parks are required to submit an application and fees, and abide by the following requirements and guidelines.

Outdoor Fee-Based Program requirements

To apply for an Outdoor Fee-Based Program, provide the following

Note that the City of Fort Worth, 200 Texas St., Fort Worth, TX, 76102 must be listed as additionally insured on the certificate. The General Aggregate must be listed as $2,000,000 and each occurrence must be listed as $1,000,000 minimum. Also, a Waiver of Subrogation note attached to or included in the “Additional Remarks” for the COI must contain the following language: “The City of Fort Worth is included as Additional Insured under the General Liability when required by written contract. A Waiver of Subrogation applies to the General Liability when required by contract.”

Application and approval process

  1. Apply by downloading the application and submitting it to Nancy Wong via email, by fax at 817-392-5117, or by mailing it to the Fort Worth Park & Recreation Department, Operations Contract Management, 4200 South Freeway, Suite 2200, Fort Worth, TX 76115.

  2. The City of Fort Worth reserves the right to deny any or all requests.

  3. The director, or director’s designee will evaluate requests for compliance with the terms and conditions of the policy, and will initiate the process to secure approval of the program and agreement.

  4. Permits will be issued to an individual who will have sole responsibility for compliance with the terms of the agreement.

  5. Requests for the Outdoor Fee-Based Program must be submitted in writing, noting the park site program, day, and time requested. Agreements will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

  6. Upon verification of all requirements, an Outdoor Fee-Based Program agreement will be signed by both the City and the applicant.

Fees and charges

A. The program provider will pay a cleanup/damage deposit of $200.00 with the application. The deposit is refundable upon termination of the agreement if park property is in clean, undamaged condition.

B. The program provider will pay the following fee schedule:

For-profit and commercial classes/training activity fees

Number of Participants
Yearly Flat Fee
Quarterly Payments
0-20 $1,000 $250
21-35 $1,600 $400
36-50 $2,000 $500
51-65 $2,600 $650
66-80 $3,000 $750
81-99 $3,600 $900
100+ $4,000 $1,000

Nonprofit classes / training activity fees

Note: Nonprofit organizations should submit proof of their nonprofit status (such as a 501(c)(3) IRS letter) with their application

Number of Participants
Yearly Flat Fee
Quarterly Payments
0-20 $300 $75
21-35 $500 $125
36-50 $700 $175
51-65 $900 $225
66-80 $1,100 $275
81-99 $1,300 $325
100+ $1,500 $375

Upon receipt of the completed application, department staff will review the application and determine if the request meets the requirements for approval.

If you have any questions, contact Nancy Wong by email or by telephone at 817-392-5125.