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Downtown Wastewater Improvements

Project Description

Sewer lines in the city’s central business district will be replaced. The affected area includes:

Alleyway between Monroe Street and Taylor Street from West 10th Street to West 13th Street

Alleyway between Houston Street and Main Street from West 2nd Street to West 3rd Street

Burnett Street from West 6th Street to West 7th Street

Houston Street from West 7th Street to West 8th Street

Alleyway between Calhoun Street and Jones Street from East 12th Street to East 14th Street

Commerce Street from East 13th Street to East 15th Street

Grove Street from East 5th Street to East 7th Street

East 5th Street from Grove Street to Jones Street

Henderson Street from west 1st Street to West 2nd Street

Fahey Street from West Weatherford Street to West 5th Street

Council District: District 9

Current Status: Construction

Project End Date: June 30, 2021


Source: Water & Sewer Fund
Amount: $5,637,167


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John Kasavich