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Westside Alliance & Arlington Heights Infrastructure Improvements

Project Description

Water and sanitary sewer main improvements will made in a project area bound by I-30 to the south, West 7th Street to the north, Penticost Street to the west and Montgomery Street to the east. The affected streets include Belle Place from West 7th Street to Mattison Avenue (sewer and paving); Kenley Street from Camp Bowie Boulevard to Collinwood Avenue (water, sewer and paving); Madelene Place from Clarke Avenue to Camp Bowie Boulevard (water and paving); Sanguinet Street from Byers Avenue to El Campo Avenue (water, sewer and paving); Harley Avenue from Owasso Street to Sutter Street (water and paving); Penticost Street from Birchman Avenue to the southern dead end (sewer and paving); and Washburn Avenue from Montgomery Street to Sutter Street (water, sewer and paving).

Council District: District 7

Current Status: Design

Project End Date: Aug. 30, 2022


Source: Water & Sewer Fund
Amount: $461,202


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Suby Varughese