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Greater Northside Infrastructure Improvements

Project Description

Water and/or sanitary sewer main improvements are being made in the Greater Northside area. After the water and sewer improvements are finished, the roadway will be repaved. The affected streets include: Belle Avenue from NW 23rd Street to Hanna Avenue (water); Ellis Avenue from NW 37th Street to NW 38th Street (sewer); Lincoln Avenue from Grand Avenue to West Northside Drive (water); Lincoln Avenue from West Northside Drive to West Central Avenue (water); NW 23rd Street from Belle Avenue to Dodge Avenue (water and sewer); NW 25th Street from Hanna Avenue to West Long Avenue (water and sewer); NW 26th Street from Lydon Avenue to Macie Avenue (paving); Clinton Avenue from NW 14th Street to NW 20th Street (water); North Houston Street from West Northside Drive to West Central Avenue (water); Dodge Street from NW 23rd Street to NW 24th Street (paving).

Council District: District 2

Current Status: Design

Project End Date: Oct. 30, 2021


Source: Water & Sewer Fund
Amount: $465,579


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Liam Conlon