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Upper and Middle Village Creek Parallel Relief Sanitary Sewer Main South

Project Description

: Approximately 2.27 miles of sanitary sewer pipe - ranging in diameter from 42 inches to 48 inches - will be installed parallel to an existing sewer main and follow the alignment of Village Creek. The majority of the proposed line is located in Fort Worth’s extraterritorial jurisdiction and the city of Rendon. This improvement will serve future growth in southeast Fort Worth and Burleson, which is a wholesale customer city. The project starts just east of the tennis courts at Southern Oaks Golf Course and Tennis Club and north and east of Burleson. Fort Worth Spinks Airport is to the west of the proposed line. The new main stops just south of Deer Creek and Oak Grove Road East. The pipe will cross Burleson Retta Road and Rendon Crowley Road (FM 1187). This project is part of the Fort Worth Wastewater Program to alleviate and prevent sanitary sewer overflows and bypasses in the collection system.

Council District: District 6

Current Status: Design

Project End Date: Dec. 30, 2021


Source: Water & Sewer Fund
Amount: $25,252,090


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John Kasavich