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Updating Vendor Information

Companies or individuals wishing to do business with the City of Fort Worth are required to register with the city’s Purchasing database. Once registered, vendors are required to use the PeopleSoft Supplier Portal to keep their information up-to-date and to notify the city immediately of any changes in contact information, key personnel, corporate structure, business name, Taxpayer Identification Number, remit to addresses, and banking information.

Note: A change in name because of a merger or other corporate restructuring is considered an assignment because there is a different legal entity before and after the restructuring.

The city's written approval is generally required for changes to a vendor’s name or Taxpayer Identification Number and for any assignment of a city purchase order or other contract. This requirement applies both to the assignment of a stream of payments from the city (including, but not limited to, an accounts-receivable financing arrangements) as well as to the assignment of the entire agreement (both the stream of payments and the vendor's service obligation).

The city will not issue payment to a different name or different Taxpayer Identification Number unless and until all required forms and documentation have been submitted and approved. The city is not responsible for late charges or service stoppages resulting from a vendor’s delay or failure in submitting required forms and documentation.

For an assignment or a change affecting a vendor name or Taxpayer Identification Number, contact the Vendor Management Team at for additional information and to obtain a copy of required forms.

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