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Irrigation System Requirements

A permit is required for the installation of irrigation systems, which must comply with the requirements of the International Plumbing Code. Additionally, a backflow prevention device is required at the connection to the water supply, and must be independently tested by a licensed backflow tester.

State law allows a homeowner to perform this work at their homestead. However, any other work must be permitted by a licensed irrigator or Master plumber that is registered with the city of Fort Worth.

Fees and Applications

A permit fee is required if the irrigation is directly connected to the water supply, and an application must be completed and submitted to the Planning & Development Department at 200 Texas St., Fort Worth, Lower Level. The permit is applicable to contractors and homeowners.

For a list of licensed contractors, please contact the Development Services Department at 817-392-2222. To view a listing of registered backflow testers, click here.

Irrigator Requirements

  1. All licensed irrigators must display their state issued license number on their work vehicle.
  2. The state license number must also be reflected on any printed promotional materials including business cards, flyers, etc.
  3. All contracts and or work service orders must have the irrigators name, address, license number and telephone number.
  4. All written contracts and work service orders must include: “Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, P. O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087”.
  5. Irrigators or Master Plumbers should supply customers with a written statement of guarantee covering all materials and labor for the system installation.


Report Water Waste

Fort Worth has year-round watering restrictions which include a no more than twice a week irrigation schedule. Please report water waste online or use the MyFtWorth app for smartphones.



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