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Contact Numbers for Developers

Topic of Interest Contact Phone
Backflow Prevention Information Shelvia Smith 817-392-8375
Building Permit Status/Comments Development 817-392-2222
Annexation Development 817-392-8190
Community Facilities Agreement Janie Scarlett Morales 817-392-7810
Evelyn Roberts 817-392-2025
Fire Hydrant Flow Test Information Cesar Zavala 817-392-8275
Fire Hydrant or Internal Fire line for New Development Chip Paiboon 817-392-6848
Bob Morgan 817-392-2838
Pretreatment, Grease Traps Jennifer Flood 817-392-8305
Development Issues Related to Water and Sanitary Sewer Bobby Melton 817-392-8369
Vishal Sood 817-392-8055
Plat Comments related to Water and Sanitary Sewer Benjamin Esquibel 817-392-6430
Esteban Perez 817-392-8428
A. Joseph Lopez 817-392-5803
Plat Comments and Development Issues T/PW 817-392-6597
Platting Issue Development 817-392-8027
Pre-Development Meetings Development 817-392-2239
Pre-qualification of Water/Sewer Contractors John R. Kasavich 817-392-8480
Tap fees, Impact fees, Fire line applications
Meter Deposit and Site Plan Review Comments
Water Development Section 817-392-8250
Variance/Board of Adjustment Cases Beth Knight 817-392-8826
Water & Sewer/Storm Drain/Topography
Maps and Construction Plan Storage, Engineering Vault
Ashanti Turner 817-392-8426
Jesse Johnson 817-392-8054
Water and Sewer Comprehensive Studies Reza Broun 817-392-8073
Zoning Issues Development 817-392-8028



Report Emergencies (24-hours)
(water main breaks, sewer backups)
817-392-4477 Select Option 1

Call Center - Non-emergency
7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Monday through Friday
(Closed City Holidays) 817-392-4477

Payment Locations & Hours

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 870
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Chris Harder, P.E.

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