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Alcohol Permit

To obtain an alcohol permit in the City of Fort Worth, complete the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission application, and take it to a notary before signing.

Once the application is complete, follow these steps:

  1. Bring the application to the city's zoning counter, located on the lower level of City Hall, 200 Texas St., to receive zoning approval.
  2. Once zoning approval is obtained, the applicant will receive an Alcohol Permit Location Verification form. Applications should fill out this file with the property's legal description (lot, block and addition). Applications will not be processed without this information. Take the completed form to the permitting desk, also on the lower level of City Hall, to apply for a Distant Check permit (cost for the permit is $50).
  3. These documents will be given to the chief building inspector to complete a distance check inspection, and the applicant will be notified when the inspection is completed.
  4. Pick up the forms at the permitting center, and pay processing and other fees that may be required for the specific permit type at the central cashier.
  5. Take the documents to the City Secretary's Office, located on the third floor of City Hall, to verify the “wet/dry” status of the location and sign off on the form.

If the application is denied for distance or zoning issues, there will be paperwork attached explaining the denial and what recourse is available, including zoning changes or distance variances.


General Distributor, Beer

Code: (BB)

Cost: $300.00

Branch Distributor, Beer

Code: (BC)

Cost: $75.00 (Expires in two years)

Local Distributor, Beer

Code: (BD)

Cost: $75.00

Beer On Premise, Retailer

Code: (BE)

Cost: $150.00

Beer Off Premise, Retailer

Code: (BF)

Cost: $60.00

Beer & Wine On Premise, Retailer

Code: (BG)

Cost: $750.00

Beer & Wine Off Premise, Retailer

Code: (BQ)

Cost: $60.00

Retail Dealers On Premise, Late Hours

Code: (BL)

Cost: $250.00

Manufacturers License, Beer

Code: (BA)

Cost: $750.00

Bonded Warehouse, Liquor

Code: (JD)

Cost: $150.00

General Class B Wholesaler -Liquor/Wine/Malt

Code: (X)

Cost: $300.00

Local Class B Wholesaler

Code: (LX)

Cost: $75.00

Package Store, Retailer

Code: (P)

Cost: $500.00

Local Distributor Package Store

Code: (LP)

Cost: $100.00

Wine Only Package Store Retailer

Code: (Q)

Cost: $75.00

Wholesaler Liquor

Code: (W)

Cost: $1,875.00

Wine Bottler

Code: (Z)

Cost: $225.00


Code: (B)

Cost: $1,500.00

Mixed Beverage, Retailer

Code: (MB)

Cost: $750.00 (Expires in three years)

No charge until the third year

Mixed Beverage, Late Hours

Code: (LB)

Cost: $150.00

Mixed Beverage, Caterer

Code: (CB)

Cost: $500.00

Winery Permit

Code: (G)

Cost: $75.00

Nonresident Brewer's Permit

Code: (U)

Cost: $1,500.00

Distiller's And Rectifier's Permit

Code: (D)

Cost: $1,500.00

Importer's License

Code: (BI)

Cost: $20.00

Importer's Carrier's License

Code: (BJ)

Cost: $20.00

Daily Temporary Mixed Beverage

Code: (TB)

Cost: $25.00

Private Club Late Hours Permit

Code: (NL)

Cost: $750.00

Beverage Cartage Permit

Code: (PE)

Cost: $20.00

For a full listing of the fees or information about which liquor code applies to a type of business, visit the TABC website.