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Types of Audits

Financial Audits

Financial audits focus on verification of financial transactions and balances. Internal auditors focus on a financial system’s controls to ensure that financial checks and balances are effective.

Operational Audits

Operational audits review the performance of a program or service then make suggestions for improvement. The primary goal is to determine whether objectives are achieved effectively and efficiently.

Grant Audits

Grant audits include financial and operational elements, but the focus is on compliance with the financial terms of grant agreements. The City is obligated to review grants to determine whether funds are spent for the proper purpose when grant funds are received from the State or Federal government.

Construction Project Audits

Construction audits include review of construction project cost and performance terms. Audits of street, water, sewer, and other construction projects are designed to verify that citizens receive full value for construction project dollars.

Information System Audits

Information Systems audits involve verifying that computer systems are effective and efficient. These audits also focus on assuring the security of data and information assets.

Other Services

Internal Audit also performs cost studies and and other ad-hoc services.


Our mission is to assist the mayor and city council in the effective discharge of their responsibilities by identifying risks and conducting independent and objective evaluations of city programs and services. Internal Audit aims to help promote fiscal stewardship, transparency and add value by ensuring that the City of Fort Worth’s governance processes are efficient, effective and are in compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines.


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City Auditor:
Patrice Randle