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Commercial Zoning

The City of Fort Worth maintains 8 commercial zoning districts which are differentiated by their purpose, intensity of use and traffic generation, and compatibility with infrastructure. More information for each district may be found in the Zoning Ordinance. 

  • Section 4.900: ER Neighborhood Commercial Restricted. Intended as a low intensity buffer betwen residential and commercial uses. No alcohol sales. 2,500 square feet max. 35 feet height max.
  • Section 4.901: E Neighborhood Commercial. Less lntensive commercial uses such as office and retail.  60,000 square feet max. 45 feet max. height.
  • Section 4.902: FR General Commercial Restricted. More intensive commercial uses. No alcohol sales. 45 feet max. height.
  • Section 4.903: F General Commercial. More intensive commercial uses. 45 feet max. height.
  • Section 4.904: G Intensive Commercial. Same uses as F, but 120 feet max. height.
  • Section 4.905: H - Central Business District. Downtown area only. No setback or height restrictions.

Zoning Types

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Zoning Questions

Zoning: 817-392-8028
Urban Forestry: 817-392-7933



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