Capital Projects

Capital Projects


I-35W Construction Closures and Detours

Construction on I-35W from I-30 to US 287 is in full swing. Capacity improvements span 18 miles and include a section of highway that is ranked as the state's eighth most congested roadway. Know the closures and detours before you get in the car.

Other Projects

Como Neighborhood Center (Active through Dec. 10, 2015)
Project architects will unveil the design of the new Como Neighborhood Center at a meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 10 at the center, 4900 Horne St. Make plans to attend and share your ideas.

Harrold Street (Active through Jan. 7, 2016)
Harrold Street from West Seventh Street to Dakota street for utility construction and pavement improvements for the Trinity Left Bank Development

I-35W Construction (Active through Dec. 31, 2015)
On-ramp to northbound I-35W at Western Center Boulevard through December 2015

I-35W Construction (Active through Jan. 31, 2016)
Northbound I-35W off-ramp to westbound Spur 280 through January 2016

I-35W Construction (Active through Jan. 31, 2017)
Detour of westbound Loop 820 to southbound I-35W traffic exiting to Meacham through January 2017

Norwood Drive (Active through Dec. 16, 2015)
Completion delayed one month. The contractor continues to work on the new traffic signal at Trinity Boulevard and Norwood Drive. However, there has been a delay because ONCOR has not connected power. Pavement overlay work north of the railroad crossing is progressing. The project is scheduled for completion by early January 2016.

Precinct Line Road from Concho Trail to Randol Mill Road (Active through Dec. 16, 2015)
This segment of roadway will be repaved with asphalt surface and cement subgrade after the other roadway improvements are complete. No curb, gutter or sidewalk improvements will be made.

Precinct Line Road from SH-10 to Concho Trail (Active through Dec. 16, 2015)
Concho Trail to re-open Nov. 25. The TxDOT contractor is paving the southbound lanes from Trinity Boulevard to Concho Trail, and expects to have the roadway open November 25. North of the Trinity Boulevard and Concho Trail intersection, driveway approaches are being constructed. Sidewalks, inlets and handrails are being installed over the next few weeks. Traffic is expected to switch to the new asphalt roadway and the new portion of the bridge by mid-January 2016.

Randol Mill Road from Loop 820 to Precinct Line Road (Active through Dec. 16, 2015)
Design underway. Residents provided feedback on the proposed plan at a public meeting on Nov. 9. Design is underway and another public meeting will be scheduled for March 2016. Construction is slated to begin November 2016.

South Main Street (Active through Dec. 7, 2015)
Here’s the latest… Installation of the 30-inch water line on Vickery Boulevard is complete. The 16-inch water line through the Pennsylvania Avenue intersection continuing south on Main Street has been extended. Currently, work on the sanitary sewer line along Vickery Boulevard is underway and work will continue south on Main Street. The 16-inch water line from Vickery Boulevard to Cannon Street will be flushed and tested and ready for service early December 2015.

Stayton Street (Active through Jan. 7, 2016)
Stayton Street from West Seventh Street to West Fifth Street for utility construction and pavement improvements for the Trinity Left Bank Development

Trinity Boulevard Bridge & Drainage Improvements (Active through Dec. 16, 2015)
On schedule. Concrete portions of the creek channel improvements have been completed. Gabions (rock baskets) are being constructed and placed on the sides of the creek under the north bridge section. The bridge piers have also been constructed, and structural bridge construction will resume when the gabions are in place. Project completion remains on schedule for June 2016.

Trinity Boulevard from Loop 820 to Thames Trail (Active through Dec. 16, 2015)
From Loop 820 to Salado Trail: Construction to start January 2016. Construction plans have been submitted by the project consultant to the City and are being reviewed. This means construction will start January 2016. From Salado Trail to Thames Trail: Construction plans underway.The project consultant is drafting the construction plans for this phase of the project. Staff anticipates these plans will arrive for review December 2015.