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You are about to enter the City of Fort Worth’s electronic vendor registration system, called PeopleSoft Supplier Portal. There are several things you should know and some information you should retain after registration.

Step One: Read and agree to the Standard Terms and Conditions (next step in registration) before you proceed with actual registry. These are standard terms under Texas state law and the Uniform Commercial Code. If you do not accept these terms, you may not proceed with registration. Exception: Accepting these terms will have no effect on the terms and conditions of active executed contracts with the City of Fort Worth.

Step Two: When selecting the commodity codes (SIC codes) for the goods and services your firm provides, choose as many as may be related. This will ensure the maximum business opportunities for your firm. Please note, you must enter at least one commodity code, or your registration will not be activated.

Step Three: After registration, be certain to record and retain your logon ID and password. You will need this to maintain the information in your vendor file. It is entirely up to you to keep your information current. The City cannot make changes for you.

Step Four: Email a copy of your company’s IRS W-9 to the City at Your registration will not be activated until a completed W-9 is received and verified.

Note: If you have any questions about the registration process or maintenance of your information, please email the vendor registration administrator at Someone from the Financial Management Services team will be happy to assist you.

Important:If the name of your firm should change, do not attempt a name change update in this system. You must email the Vendor Management Team at to coordinate a name change.

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