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Ways to $ave

Opportunities are all around to practice water efficiency. We know your business is environmentally conscious, striving to operate efficiently while preserving resources and reducing the bottom line. These practical tips and practices will help identify ways you can $ave in your daily operations.

Start a Water Conservation Program

  • Increase employee awareness of water conservation.
  • Install signs encouraging water conservation in facility restrooms.
  • Seek employee suggestions on water conservation.

Interior Areas

  • Discontinue continuous flow in operations and processes.
  • Adjust flows to reduce discharge of water.
  • Install water-saving devices to decrease water consumption.
  • Restrooms (toilet dams and flappers), faucets (aerators), cooling systems.
  • Use recycling systems for chillers and cooling towers.
  • Consider installing energy and water-efficient air conditioning equipment.

Cafeteria Areas

  • Turn off the continuous flow used to clean the drain trays of the coffee, milk or soda beverage island.
  • Turn dishwasher off when not in use. Wash full loads only.
  • Use water from steam tables to wash down cooking area.
  • Do not use running water to melt ice or frozen foods.
  • Use water conserving ice-makers.
  • Provide table signs in cafeteria encouraging water conservation.
  • Wash vegetables in sink; do not let water run in preparation sink.
  • Recycle rinse water from the dishwater.

Maintenance Procedures

  • Sweep materials from floor instead of washing down whenever possible.
  • Instruct clean-up crews to use less water where appropriate.
  • Check all water supply areas for leaks.

Turf and Landscape Areas

  • Use only low-water use plant material in non-turf areas.
  • Use turf only where actually necessary; such as picnic areas or outside lunch areas.
  • Use low-volume irrigation for plants, trees, and shrubs.
  • Operate sprinkler system early in the morning to reduce evaporation.
  • Avoid plant fertilizing and pruning that would stimulate excessive growth.
  • Remove weeds and unwanted vegetation.
  • Water your landscape early in the morning to reduce evaporation.
  • Consider installing drip irrigation systems for plant, shrub and flower beds.
  • Mulch around plants to reduce evaporation and discourage weeds.
  • Remove thatch and aerate turf to encourage being water absorption and retention.
  • If water restrictions are in effect, adapt your watering schedule accordingly.


Report Water Waste

Fort Worth has year-round watering restrictions which include a no more than twice a week irrigation schedule. Please report water waste online or use the MyFtWorth app for smartphones. Questions? See Frequently Asked Questions.



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