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Zoning Cases

The list of cases below is for information only and is not the official Commission agenda. See the city calendar for posted agendas.

For information on the location of a zoning case, enter the address below into the Zoning Map.

For Council-initiated cases, click on the case number for the property list and proposed districts. Please email zoninglanduse@fortworthtexas.gov or call 817-392-8028 if further information is needed on any case.

Meeting Information

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Proposed Text Amendments

Estimated dates are subject to change.

  • Create Residential Attached District
    Zoning Commission date: Date to be determined
    Create new zoning district to provide for "missing middle" type housing which adds units compatible with single and two family neighborhoods, but not to include large multifamily construction.
  • Amend AR, B, and R1 districts
    Zoning Commission date: Date to be determined
    Amend AR, B, and R1 districts to add and edit standards for zero lotline development
  • Create Detached Multifamily Standards
    Zoning Commission date: Date to be determined
    Create requirements for detached multifamily, also referred to as cottage communities.
  • Update Use Index
    Zoning Commission date: Date to be determined
    Update Use Index to remove obsolete uses, add new uses and technologies, and revise certain categories
  • Update Berry/University Form Based Code
    Zoning Commission date: April 10, 2019
    Update form based code development standards
  • Amend Mixed Use Districts
    Zoning Commission date: April 10, 2019
    Amend MU-1 and MU-2 districts to clarify applicable regulations for changes of use, clarify required parking for multifamily; amend MU-2 district to allow 10 story hotel and office and allow microbreweries
  • Stop Six Overlay
    Zoning Commission date: July 10, 2019
    Amend District Regulations for Stop Six Overlay for residential design standards
  • Chisholm Trail Parkway
    Zoning Commission date: July 10, 2019
    Amend Article 4 Signs to provide for regulations along the Chisholm Trail Parkway Scenic Corridor
  • Subdivision Fencing Material
    Zoning Commission date: July 10, 2019
    Amending Section 5.305 fence material standards along arterials for durability
  • Parking for Historically Designated Structures
    Zoning Commission date: Oct. 9, 2019
    Amending Section 6.201, “Off-Street Parking Requirements” of Chapter 6, “Development Standards” of Article 2, “Off-street Parking and Loading”; To exempt certain properties with a Historic Designation or listed in the National Register of Historic Places,
  • Panther Island Form Based District
    Zoning Commission date: Oct. 9, 2019
    Amending Chapter 4, “District Regulations,” Article 4, “Overlay Districts,” by amending Section 4.403, “Trinity Uptown Peripheral Zone (“TUP”) Overlay District” to change the name and zoning designation of the district to “Panther Island Peripheral Zone (“PIP”); Change the name of the TUP Standards and Guidelines to “Panther Island Peripheral Zone Design Overlay Zoning Standards and Guidelines,” and Revise the Standards and Guidelines; to remove references to Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA, and; Amend Section 4.1304, Panther Island (“PI”) District, to revise the “Panther Island Form Based Zoning District Standards and Guidelines” to remove references to the Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA)
  • Small Box Discount Store
    Zoning Commission date: Nov. 13, 2019
    Amending Article 1 "Standards for Selected Uses", of Chapter 5, "Supplemental Use Standards", to add Section 5.151 "Store Small Box Discount" to provide for Small Box Discount Stores; Amending Chapter 4, "District Regulations", Section 4.803 "Nonresidential District Use Table", and amending Chapter 9 'Definitions" to add a definition for Small Box Discount Store
  • Camp Bowie Form Based Code Extension
    City Council date: Jan. 14, 2020
    Amending Map B.23: Camp Bowie Form Based District and Map B.24: Camp Bowie Form Based Subdistrict in Appendix B, maps of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Final approved ordinances for text amendments may be found in the Zoning Ordinance. Visit the Ordinances page for copies of individual ordinances.

Upcoming Cases

Case Owner or Address Zoning Change District Rec. Date to ZC Date to CC
ZC-19-192 North Presidio LLC G to D 7 5/13/2020
ZC-20-030 Gyant Tod LLC 2707 Decatur Rd K to MU-1 2 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-031 Sandra & Toni Klidas Geers Klidas Living Trust 1209 Jacksboro Hwy F B to MU-1 2
ZC-20-032 Mohammad Rahman 2700 & 2704 E Rosedale St. MU-1 to E 8 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-033 Gurudeo Corp 2206 2274 Hemphill E to PD/NS-T4 9 5/13/2020
ZC-20-034 Panther City Holding/Azalea Ave Dev Group 2700-2724 evens Azalea Ave A-5 MU-1 to PD/MU-1 7 5/13/2020
ZC-20-036 George Edwards 5154 Trail Lake Dr Expand PD 97 6 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-037 Community First Worship Center 4067 Fair Park Blvd B to ER 9 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-038 Rivera Custom Homes LLC 1712-1724 evens Vincennes St UR to A-5 5 5/13/2020
ZC-20-039 3Strand DV LLC 8957 Creek Run Rd C to PD/C 5 5/13/2020
ZC-20-040 EE Camp Bowie Properties LLC 3736 Camp Bowie Blvd F to PD/F for hotel 7 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-041 Coburn Farm Ltd 4700-4900 blks WJ Boaz Rd E to A-5 7 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-042 NTP35 LP 8700 blks Tehama Ridge Pkwy I to G 7 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-043 Vaquero Long Partners LP 2700 NW 33rd St B to ER 2 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
SP-20-007 CSY Trinity LLC 10900-11000 blks Trinity Amend Site Plan 5 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-045 JST Rentals LLC 104 E Mason St CUP for Parking 9 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-046 Edgecliff Partners LP 949 Altamesa Blvd CUP for Warehouse with Outside Storage 8 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-047 707 Avenue LLC 901 & 917 John T White Rd E E to R2 A-7.5 E 5
ZC-20-048 Walter & Fatima Famiero Raymond & Julie Tupper 5412 & 5440 Boat Club Rd A-5 to E 2 5/13/2020
ZC-20-049 Orange Basswood LLC 7248 Blue Mound Rd CUP for Car Wash 2 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-050 Ron Mon 2408 Wilspoint Court E to A-5 5 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-052 NEI Development LLC 917 921 925 E. Powell Ave CF to A-5 8
ZC-20-053 Bill And Jerry Drennan 10750 & 1077 Tube Dr AG K to I 5 5/13/2020
ZC-20-054 SFW 10 LLC 7780 Forest Hill Dr A-5 to MH 8 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-056 Funky Town Development LLC 1165 8Th Ave & 1212 Hurley Ave NS-T4 to NS-T5 9 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-057 Mereken Land & Production CO. 7901 Will Rogers Rd. CUP for truck parking 8 5/13/2020 6/2/2020
ZC-20-058 Cool Anchor Properties 2400 & 2412 E. Belknap St. O-1 J to MU-2 8 5/13/2020
ZC-20-021 Elvira Rios 3905 Galvez Ave B to PD/B plus 8 A 3/4/2020 4/7/2020
ZC-20-022 Design Works LLC 705 E Jefferson J to A-5 8 A 3/4/2020 4/7/2020
SP-20-006 ALNA Properties 2735 Purington Amend PD 8 A 3/4/2020 4/7/2020
ZC-20-023 Yun Kyong 4001 Fain St D to PD/D 4 A 3/4/2020 4/7/2020
ZC-20-024 Rafael & Claudia Leal 3116 Haynie Add Conditional Use Permit for cabinet making 5 A 3/4/2020 4/7/2020
ZC-20-025 JLJ Investments 301 E Rendon Crowley Add Conditional Use Permit for auto repair 5 A 3/4/2020 4/7/2020
ZC-20-026 Custer Commons 8681 N Beach St E to PD/D 4 3/4/2020 4/7/2020
ZC-20-027 Texas Wesleyan; et al 3222 3226 3228 E Rosedale; 3217 3221 3235 Ave G MU-1 to MU-2
ZC-20-028 HPC Revelstoke 9500 Blue Mound Rd D to F 2 A 3/4/2020 4/7/2020
ZC-20-029 Total E&P 6801 Hatch Rd AG to A-5 7 A 3/4/2020 4/7/2020
ZC-19-188 Shaban Real 7913 Doreen CF to B 3 A 2/12/2020 3/3/2020
ZC-20-001 Chisolm Trail West LLC 8800 - 9100 blocks Brewer Boulevard G to PD/C 6 D 2/12/2020
ZC-20-007 ARTEL Inc. D&KW Properties 5600 - 6200 blocks South Freeway A-5 E I to J 8
ZC-20-009 828 Properties Et Al 2800 Blocks Forest Park Blvd. & Wayside Ave B C to PD/UR 9 D 2/12/2020
ZC-20-012 Cockrell Hill Partners Inc. 3400 - 3600 blocks FM 157 Amend PD 1248 to add mini warehouse 5 A 2/12/2020
ZC-20-014 Alcannon Properties LLC 2933 Alcannon Street & 2819 Old Mansfield Road CUP for auto repair and sales 8 D 2/12/2020
ZC-20-015 Coffman Family LP 2828 NE 28th Street CUP for auto repair and sales 9 A 2/12/2020 3/3/2020
ZC-20-016 101 Nursery Lane LLC 101 Nursery Lane CUP for bar 7 A 2/12/2020 3/3/2020
ZC-20-018 Alexa Peer 329 Blandin Street A-5to PD/A-5 plus triplex 9 A 2/12/2020 3/3/2020
ZC-20-019 Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County 1105 - 1215 odds E. Lancaster Avenue MU-2 to PD/MU-2 8 A 2/12/2020 2/18/2020

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