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Zoning Cases

The list of cases below is for information only and is not the official Commission agenda. See the city calendar for posted agendas.

For information on the location of a zoning case, enter the address below into the Zoning Map.

For Council-initiated cases, click on the case number for the property list and proposed districts. Please email zoninglanduse@fortworthtexas.gov or call 817-392-8028 if further information is needed on any case.

Meeting Information

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Proposed Text Amendments

Estimated dates are subject to change.

  • Create Stockyards Form Based Code
    Zoning Commission date: April 12, 2017
    Text and Map amendments to create Stockyards Form Based Code districts with subdistricts
  • Mixed Use MU-1 MU-2 Amendments
    City Council date: May 2, 2017
  • UR District amendments
    City Council date: May 2, 2017
    Amend UR district standards
  • Near Southside Design Standards Amendments
    Zoning Commission date: May 10, 2017
  • Board of Adjustment/Urban Design Commission Duties
    Zoning Commission date: June 14, 2017
    Amend/clarify wording in the ordinance sections to be consistent with recent changes.

Final approved ordinances for text amendments may be found in the Zoning Ordinance. Visit the Ordinances page for copies of individual ordinances.

Upcoming Cases

Case No. Owner or Address Zoning Change Rec. Date to ZC Date to CC
ZC-17-016 Tarrant Acquisitions 9501 Trammel Davis O-1 to PD SU for concrete recycling; ZC required site plan A 03/08/17 04/04/17
ZC-17-019 Sommerfeld 8200-8300 Randol Mill Rd. Amend PD 539 for rv park/ remove golf range D 03/08/17 04/04/17
ZC-17-035 Chi Song LLC 3622 Longvue CF to PD/CF plus event center A 03/08/17 04/04/17
ZC-17-036 Orozco 2423 Refugio A-5 to PD/A-5 for 4 units A 03/08/17 04/04/17
SP-17-003 Hoffman 5560 Mesa Springs PD 655 656 Addition A 03/08/17 04/04/17
ZC-17-040 EMSISD 6400 Marine Creek AG to CF for sign A 03/08/17 04/04/17
ZC-17-043 Fourth and Sylvania LLC to UR A 03/08/17 04/04/17
ZC-17-046 City FW text amend UR Standards A 03/08/17 04/04/17
ZC-17-047 City FW text amend MU Standards A 03/08/17 04/04/17
ZC-17-027 AIL Inv. AX-010 Westport Addition unzoned to K A 03/08/17 04/18/17
ZC-17-031 Claytor 209-215 E Leuda NST4N to NST5N 04/12/17 04/18/17
ZC-17-051 City FW FW Housing Finance Corp 406 W. Central at Lee E to A-5 04/12/17 04/18/17
ZC-17-062 Origin Bank 8712 Summit G, J to H 04/12/17 04/18/17
ZC-17-026 City FW Historic Kleinschmidt 3040 Lipscomb A-5 add HC 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-031 Claytor 209-215 E Leuda NST4N to NST5N 04/12/17 04/18/17
ZC-17-033 Laith Inc. 6001 LTJG Barnett St. E to PD/E plus self car wash 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-034 Brickstone Dev 11731-11815 Alta Vista A-10, E, PD to Amend PD 1066 to add property and reconfigure 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-037 5001 Camp Bowie LLC 5001 Camp Bowie F to PD/MU-1 A 03/08/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-042 Killion 4448 Miller E to PD/E plus tire sales and repair 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-046 City FW text amend MU UR Amendments MUZAG A 03/08/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-047 City FW text amend NS to match MUZAG A 03/08/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-049 TCRG Opp 9400 10301 Oak Grove AG to I 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-051 City FW FW Housing Finance Corp 406 W. Central at Lee E to A-5 04/12/17 04/18/17
ZC-17-052 Fort Growth Pt 111 Nursery Ln B to MU-1 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-053 NRH Baptist Church 10537 NW 287 C to E 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-054 Beauclair 3001 Mc Cart BU-CIV to BU-RA 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-055 Velazquez 2300 McCurdy A-5 to I 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-056 IDI NW Double Eagle I, AG To PD/I for mini warehouse 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-057 NWISD 11604 N Freeway I 35 at Keller Hicks I/AO to PD/CF/AO allow school in airport overlay 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-058 Walsh Ranch Ltd. N Aledo Iona Amend PD522 for reduced setbacks and increase lot coverage % 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-059 Patterson 9523 9529 Santa Paula E to I 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-060 Prater 7201 JT White A-43 to B 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-061 D& KW Family 5841 S. Fwy I 35 I to PD/I for concrete crushing 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-062 Origin Bank 8712 Summit G, J to H 04/12/17 04/18/17
ZC-17-063 City FW petition Cromwell Marine Creek R1, C to A-5 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-064 City FW Surplus 3501 3512 3512 Frazier Ct AG to A-5 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-044 City FW text amend create Stockyards FB Code 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-17-045 City FW Map amend create Stockyards FB Code 04/12/17 05/02/17
ZC-16-204 City FW AX-16-013 Eagle Ridge unzoned to A-7.5, A-5, E A 02/08/17 05/09/17
ZC-16-185 CADG 44 LLC 4621 Keller Hicks I to A-5 D 11/09/16 06/06/17
ZC-17-050 Total E&P 2212 E 4th St Amend PD 310 to PD for line compressor 05/10/17 06/06/17

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