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Zoning Cases

The list of cases below is for information only and is not the official Commission agenda. See the city calendar for posted agendas.

For information on the location of a zoning case, enter the address below into the Zoning Map.

For Council-initiated cases, click on the case number for the property list and proposed districts. Please email zoninglanduse@fortworthtexas.gov or call 817-392-8028 if further information is needed on any case.

Meeting Information

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Proposed Text Amendments

Estimated dates are subject to change.

Final approved ordinances for text amendments may be found in the Zoning Ordinance. Visit the Ordinances page for copies of individual ordinances.

Upcoming Cases

Case No. Owner or Address Zoning Change Rec. Date to ZC Date to CC
ZC-17-090 Purvis 5700 Birchman CF to PD/E waivers parking, setbacks ls A 08/09/17 11/14/17
SP-17-016 Vertex Asset 2942 S. Riverside amend PD 1124 site plan A 11/08/17 11/14/17
ZC-17-109 Randol Mill Inv. 7429 Randol Mill PD707 to PD/A-7.5 with dev st no site plan A 07/12/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-136 Valtierra 1913-1915 Homan 1249 NW 19th A-5 to PD for 5 units A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-137 Macedonia Missionary Church 2740-2744 S Fwy E to I A 10/11/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-163 JW Sand/Gravel 11650 Mosier Valley Amend PD 183 to add soil stabilization plant and expand to west of creek D 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-165 TCU e of University Dr. PD 497 and PD 1074 to CF and amend PD 1074 to PD/CF A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-173 Fellowship of Love 801, 901, 950 Bonnie Brae CF to PD/E excluding uses with dev st A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-182 Holding 2016-2020 E. Lancaster FR, J to PD/FR plus tow yard A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-183 Wilson 4421-4441 Wayside CF to A-5 A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-185 SFW Homes 7600 Forest Hill AR to MH A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-186 Coleman 2628 Lubbock B to UR A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-187 McKibben 2729 Merida B to UR A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-188 Atchison Topeka 5000 Blk Main St. AG, E, J to I A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-189 Friesen 3301 Hartnett G to PD/G plus hotel A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-190 AIL Inv 8501 N Riverside to amend Area 2 PD/E and create Area 5 for E A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-192 Pate Ranch 6500-6800 Dirks PD/MU2, PD/G to PD/G for asst living A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-193 Leonard 2201-2301 Lands End MU-1 to PD/A-5 with dev st A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-195 CFW Surplus 1166 Amspoke B to A-5 A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-196 CFW Surplus 3230 6th Ave B to A-5 A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-197 City FW petition South Hills CD 9 to A-5, E, CF A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-200 City FW text amend ZC BOA UDC amend members' duties A 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-171 Roanoke 35-114 15888 Championship Pkwy K to D 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-175 Arlington Heights UMC 4217 Camp Bowie 1805 Hillcrest Street F to PD/F with dev st 11/08/17 12/05/17
ZC-17-184 4101 Airport Fwy, 925 Kings, 4100 Fain E, B to PD/E for Quick Trip 11/08/17 12/05/17

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