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Zoning Cases

The list of cases below is for information only and is not the official Commission agenda. See the city calendar for posted agendas.

For information on the location of a zoning case, enter the address below into the Zoning Map.

For Council-initiated cases, click on the case number for the property list and proposed districts. Please email zoninglanduse@fortworthtexas.gov or call 817-392-8028 if further information is needed on any case.

Meeting Information

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Proposed Text Amendments

Estimated dates are subject to change.

  • update Urban Forestry Ordinance
    Zoning Commission date: Date to be determined
    Currently undergoing review of Urban Forestry ordinance for updates and improvements. Dates of public hearings not yet set.
  • Create Residential Attached District
    Zoning Commission date: Date to be determined
    Amend R2 Townhouse District to allow flexibility in housing products, but not to include multifamily.
  • Create Special Use Permit
    Zoning Commission date: Date to be determined
    Create and define SUP/Special Use Permit with standards and applicability. Dates of public hearings not yet set.
  • Amend Unified Residential Standards/Multifamily
    Zoning Commission date: Date to be determined
    Amend Sect. 6.506 URD standards for multi family development to address building orientations and layout, construction materials, and accessibility.
  • Define Single Family home monotony differences
    Zoning Commission date: Date to be determined
    Define architectural features that are considered to differentiate housing elevations for purposes of meeting the requirements of Sect. 6.507.
  • Update Historic Preservation Ordinance
    Zoning Commission date: March 14, 2018
    Update the Historic Preservation to: update text for clarifications, refine Historic Preservation Officer powers, duties, and responsibilities; consolidate criteria for designation; proof of loss of significance; alignment with Secretary of the Interior’s standards; and clarification for historic site tax exemption.

Final approved ordinances for text amendments may be found in the Zoning Ordinance. Visit the Ordinances page for copies of individual ordinances.

Upcoming Cases

Case No. Owner or Address Zoning Change Rec. Date to ZC Date to CC
City FW Lake Arlington 5736 Wilbarger J to MU-2 A 08/09/17 04/03/18
10001 Jacksboro 10000 Nine Mile Bridge, 10023-24 Jacksboro Hwy AG to J D 03/14/18 04/03/18
Heredias 2525 Wilkinson B to PD/B plus beauty shop one side only D 02/14/18 04/03/18
City FW text amend Hist Preservation ordinance A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Sabazia Partners 1934/1690 Watauga Smithfield AG to C A 02/14/18 04/03/18
Khorrami Enterprizes 6500 Shadydell CF to E D 03/14/18 04/03/18
Tillman 1500 Montgomery, 3600 Crestline Amend PD to add spa A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Khader 3009-3013 Mansfield Hwy E to PD/E for auto repair A 03/14/18 04/03/18
City FW HC Tracy 2734 Colonial Pkwy A-5 to add HC A 02/14/18 04/03/18
Keller Beach LLC 11508 Alta Vista E to PD/C waivers to parking A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Luttmer 10233-10099 Blue Mound Rd. AG to I A 03/14/18 04/03/18
821 Terrell LLC Terrell Ave PD/MU-1 to PD/MU-1 with alcohol sales in theater and rest. only A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Johnson 3133 3125 3117 Vine St A-10 to A-5 A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Austin 3220 Mitchell B/E to PD/E for commercial A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Colonial Dev Pt 301 N. Henderson PIN3 to H A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Nagy 3620-3628 Frazier Ct. AG, A-5 to B A 03/14/18 04/03/18
SLF IV Chisholm Trail 8900-9100 Summer Creek site plan for PD A 03/14/18 04/03/18
JLJ Inv Rendon Crowley S I35 PD363 to F A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Retail Corners Old Decatur at Bailey Boswell A-43, AG to E, F A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Semmelmann 4362 W Vickery E to PD 225 A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Moralez 2729 Weisenberger A-5 to UR A 03/14/18 04/03/18
TCU 3100-3300 Berry St. BUIX6 to CF A 03/14/18 04/03/18
City FW rezone Westcliff area CD3 B, C to A-5, B A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Purvis Horne St. LLC 5700 Blk Birchman Amend PD 393 to remove uses and provide site plan A 03/14/18 04/03/18
Crimson Ridge Land PT LLC Shelby at Race R2 to D 04/11/18 04/17/18
Nagy 3620-3628 Frazier Ct. AG, A-5 to B 04/11/18 05/09/18
FW Waterside 5825 Arborlawn Amend PD 999A to add hotel w sp 04/11/18 05/09/18
JLJ Inv Rendon Crowley S I35 PD363 to F 04/11/18 05/09/18
Idea Public Schools 3020 3000 Cherry Amend Site plan for PD 57 for school 04/11/18 05/09/18
Anthony 2601 Ave I A-5 to PD/D 04/11/18 05/09/18
FW Steele Sabine Place 1215 Terminal F to C 04/11/18 05/09/18
Henry Blue Mound at Petty FR, I to K 04/11/18 05/09/18
Wall 5605 Bonnell E to B 04/11/18 05/09/18
Amerisouth XXXX Ltd 4800 E Berry E to D 04/11/18 05/09/18
Fort Growth Pt 109, 113 Westfork A-5 to UR 04/11/18 04/17/18
Fort Growth Pt 220-232 Nursery B to UR 04/11/18 04/17/18
O Reillys Auto Ent LLC 3351 Mansfield E to FR 04/11/18 05/09/18
Smith Penco Trust 8636 Meadowbrook E to A-5 04/11/18 05/09/18
Garcia 412-414 Wimberly C to UR 04/11/18 05/09/18
Castaneda 302 Sunset B to UR 04/11/18 05/09/18
TCRG Opp XV 1337 W Risinger A-5 to J 04/11/18 05/09/18
Vinson Transitions LLC 1701-1723 St. Louis C to UR 04/11/18 05/09/18
Treadwell 1812 Montgomery Amend PD Taco Heads to add perm. patio cover 04/11/18 05/09/18
McPherson North LP 1700 McPherson AG to MH 04/11/18 05/09/18
CFW/Land Acquisitions LLC SH360/FAA J to PD/D 04/11/18 05/09/18
Kates 4900 Esco Amend PD for recycling plant 04/11/18 04/17/18
Wilkins 1473 Avondale Haslet E to FR 04/11/18 05/09/18
Roanoke 35/114 Outlet/Championship Amend PD for multifamily 04/11/18 05/09/18
CFW 4400-4600 Horne B, E to CF 04/11/18 05/09/18
CFW Surplus 1821 N Sylvania B to A-10 04/11/18 05/09/18
CFW Surplus 1160, 1168, 1240 E Fogg St. B to A-5 04/11/18 05/09/18

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