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Zoning Cases

The list of cases below is for information only and is not the official Commission agenda. See the city calendar for posted agendas.

For information on the location of a zoning case, enter the address below into the Zoning Map.

For Council-initiated cases, click on the case number for the property list and proposed districts. Please email zoninglanduse@fortworthtexas.gov or call 817-392-8028 if further information is needed on any case.

Meeting Information

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Proposed Text Amendments

Estimated dates are subject to change.

Final approved ordinances for text amendments may be found in the Zoning Ordinance. Visit the Ordinances page for copies of individual ordinances.

Upcoming Cases

Case No. Owner or Address Zoning Change Rec. Date to ZC Date to CC
ZC-16-157 Chairez 2210 E. Vickery A-5 to PD/C with site plan for landscaping and parking A 09/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-199 City FW AX Jacksboro Hwy/Lakeside area unzoned to A-5, A-21, E, FR, PD/FR plus equipment rental and monument works A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-203 Vertex Asset PT LP 3097 Yuma UR to PD/UR for indep living with 4 stories A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-208 Aerval Inv 6617-6619 Dan Danciger C to CF A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-210 Gielow 5525 Lubbock A-5 to PD/SU for insurance office only-as amended by the ZC A 12/14/16 01/24/17
SP-16-018 287 Willow Springs Self Storage LP 12460 NW SH 287 reconfigure mini warehouse site plan A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-211 Olsen 429 Haltom Rd B to K A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-212 Bell 5319 Ramey A-5 to E A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-213 Valtierra 1300-1302 Homan A-5 to PD/A-5 for existing triplex A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-214 Fort Growth Pt 249-315 Sunset, 236-304 Nursery B to UR A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-215 Fort Growth Pt 113-213 Nursery B to MU-1 A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-216 Fort Growth Pt 106-112 Merritt 113-125 Priddy B to UR A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-217 DD Motorsports 2825-2837 Whitmore I to UR A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-218 Carbon Equity LP SWC Keller Haslet K to G A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-219 Padilla 1906 Belmont A-5 to PD/A-5 for existing triplex A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-220 EFW Inc 4700 Marine Ck IP to J A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-16-221 Dolabi Family LLC Magnolia Boutique Hotel 1120 W. Magnolia NS T4, NS T4N to PD/NS T4 for hotel use, height and parking A 12/14/16 01/24/17
ZC-17-010 Bolt 38 3131 Bolt St. K to PD/K for recycling A 01/11/17 01/24/17
ZC-16-192 City FW text amend Berry Univ FB code approved as amended to add landscape buffers to residential A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-16-193 City FW map amend Berry Univ FB code with subdistricts A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-16-196 Franklin 8601 Bryson FR to PD for auto repair adjacent to res D 11/09/16 02/07/17
ZC-17-001 Lennar Homes Rancho Canyon AG to A-5, A-7.5 A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-17-003 LRB Holding LLC 1849 Handley Ederville G to I A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-17-004 Villegas 2155 New York A-5 to PD/B plus front yard parking A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-17-005 TCU 3900 Blocks Merida and 2800 Block Princeton Multiple to PD 497 A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-17-006 TCU 2900 Block Merida Multiple to PD 497 A 01/11/17 02/07/17
SP-17-001 Wal Mart 6728 Vickery Amend PD to add retail buildings A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-17-007 Southwest Land Inv. 7401 Ederville Amend PD 726 to allow retail uses A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-17-008 Elwaei 3136-3142 Sappington A-5 to B A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-17-009 Mereken Land 3300 W 4th Amend PD 733 for parking lot A 01/11/17 02/07/17
SP-17-002 Wadley 120 University Amend PD 758 to allow for structured parking and storage A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-17-012 Franco 3211 Burton Ave. A-5 to PD/ER for hair salon A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-17-013 Violet Verstraete GTS Family Trust 9700 White Settlement G to C A 01/11/17 02/07/17
ZC-16-173 Pennington 3613-3625 Elm and 3612-3632 Oak St. AG to I D 11/09/16 02/21/17
ZC-16-185 CADG 44 LLC 4621 Keller Hicks I to A-5 D 11/09/16 03/07/17
ZC-16-202 Land Reserve/Texas Ltd, Priviledge Prop 10200-1250 Sycamore School Rd E to D 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-16-204 City FW AX-16-013 Eagle Ridge unzoned to A-5 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-16-209 Dailey 702 Boland C to PD/ER for office 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-002 3501 Hulen LLC 3501 Hulen, 4529-4545 Houghton B, E to PD/E for restaurant with play area 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-007 Southwest Land Inv. 7401 Ederville E, Amend PD 726 to allow retail uses with beer and wine sales 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-011 Roanoke 35/114 15360 IH 35 N PD502 to G; Amend PD to allow for D uses 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-014 RAG Rental 3291 House Anderson PD 853 to FR 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-015 Zeligson and Robinson, Trustees of Risinger Road Trust 4425 W. Risinger E to PD/E for auto parts sales 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-016 Tarrant Acquisitions 9501 Trammel Davis O-1 to PD SU for concrete recycling 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-017 Hayco Realty Cromwell Marine Creek E to C 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-018 Waste Mgmt 12200 W Fwy I-30 Amend PD 625 extend operational date 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-019 Sommerfeld 8200-8300 Randol Mill Rd. Amend PD 539 for rv park/ remove golf range 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-020 Cool Box 8950 Jacksboro Hwy PD249 to allow outdoor storage 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-021 City FW Historic Westway Hamilton LLC Historic 2837 Hemphill MU-1 add HSE 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-022 City FW Historic 2100 Hudson E add HC 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-023 City FW Historic Only Goodbuys Ltd. 1119 Pennsylvania NST4 add HC 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-024 City FW Historic Mt. Gilead Baptist Church 600 Grove St. J add HSE 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-025 City FW Historic Smith 2601 Hartwood A-5 add HSE 02/08/17 02/14/17
ZC-17-026 City FW Historic Kleinschmidt 3040 Lipscomb A-5 add HC 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-028 City FW annex Area 47 unzoned to A-5, R1, I 02/08/17 02/14/17
ZC-17-029 City FW annex industrial Area 48-1 unzoned to I 02/08/17 02/14/17
ZC-17-030 City FW annex Area 3-1 unzoned to I 02/08/17 02/14/17
ZC-17-031 City FW text amend BOA UDC 02/08/17 03/07/17
ZC-17-032 City FW text amend park school parking adjacency Clarify parking is required when within 250 feet of school or park property 02/08/17 03/07/17

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