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Zoning Cases

The list of cases below is for information only and is not the official Commission agenda. See the city calendar for posted agendas.

For information on the location of a zoning case, enter the address below into the Zoning Map.

For Council-initiated cases, click on the case number for the property list and proposed districts. Please email zoninglanduse@fortworthtexas.gov or call 817-392-8028 if further information is needed on any case.

Meeting Information

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Proposed Text Amendments

Estimated dates are subject to change.

Final approved ordinances for text amendments may be found in the Zoning Ordinance. Visit the Ordinances page for copies of individual ordinances.

Upcoming Cases

Case No. Owner or Address Zoning Change Rec. Date to ZC Date to CC
ZC-16-185 CADG 44 LLC 4621 Keller Hicks I to A-5 D 11/09/16 06/06/17
ZC-17-037 5001 Camp Bowie LLC 5001 Camp Bowie F to PD/MU-1 A 03/08/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-046 City FW text amend UR Standards A 03/08/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-047 City FW text amend MU Standards A 03/08/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-050 Total E&P 2212 E 4th St Amend PD 310 to PD for line compressor A 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-055 Velazquez 2300 McCurdy A-5 to PD/A-5 plus soccer field D 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-060 Prater 7201 JT White A-43 to B A-7.5 recc by ZC A 04/12/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-061 D& KW Family 5841 S. Fwy I 35 I to PD/I for concrete crushing D 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-065 Noles, Mereken Land 1001 Everman Pkwy J to G A 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-066 Almeida 1128 McPherson A-43 to I D 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-067 Eastchase Hospitality 1251 Little Cina G to PD/G for hotel A 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-068 Hamrick 2020 Sycamore School AG to E A 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-070 Semmelmann 4370-4366 4374 W. Vickery PD 225 E to expand PD225 for office A 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-076 A1 Alarm Svc 4728 Wichita A-5 to E A 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-077 GBRT McCart 3825 McCart FR to PD/FR plus warehouse A 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-078 Rowland 6336 North Ridge ER to A-21 A 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-079 Alfonso Aceves Est 2801, 2804, 2808, 2813, 2817 Weisenberg A-5 to UR A 05/10/17 05/16/17
ZC-17-081 Arcon Builders 315 Templeton B to UR A 05/10/17 06/06/17
SP-17-006 Baillargeon Realty Autobahn 211 N University add car wash to site plan A 05/10/17 06/06/17
ZC-17-069 Harris 2711 E Vickery A-5 to MU-1 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-074 DD Motorsport 251 University E to MU-1 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-080 City FW Petition 2500 blks Rogers and Wabash B to A-5 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-082 Saginaw 106, LTD 7300 Blue Mound Road R-1 to A-5 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-083 Antofagasta Parts, LLC 3060 Keller Hicks Road FR to I 06/14/17 06/20/17
SP-17-008 Calvary Cathedral Intl 1701 Oakhurst Scenic Dr amend PD 586 site plan to add lights 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-085 Cadence Capital 9701, 9711, 9713 White Settlement Road F to PD/F plus mini warehouse 06/14/17 06/20/17
SP-17-009 M&M Beach Properties LP 1120 N Beach Amend761 site plan to reduce setback and remove rear drive 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-086 Vann Cattle Yards, Inc. 11300 - 11450 NW Highway 287 A-5, E to A-5, D 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-087 Bering Eden Properties, LLC 3005 & 3011 Stanley Avenue B to E 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-088 T Square Investments, LLC 1600 T Square Street G to R2 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-090 5700 Birchman 5700 Birchman CF to PD/E with waivers 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-091 UV Towne Crossing 9001 9101 Tehama Ridge G to PD/G 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-092 BOA Sorte, LP et al. Boat Club Rd AG, E, I to PD/A-5 and A-7.5 and E 06/14/17 06/20/17
SP-17-010 Chisholm Summer Ck LLC Summ C/McPherson Site plan for PD 971 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-093 SSS Tenancy 2801 2901 Stanley PD/I to UR 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-094 West River Partners 201-228 Athenia 129-217 Roberts Cut Off B, CF to UR 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-095 Joel Barajas 2615 & 2617 Azle Avenue E to PD/E for outside car wash and detail 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-096 City FW Marine Creek Ranch R1, C to A-5 06/14/17 06/20/17
zc-17-097 City FW Lake Arlington ph I multiple 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-098 City FW text amend IH 35 Overlay update update 06/14/17 06/20/17
ZC-17-073 Austin 3220 Mitchell E, B to PD/E for auto parts sales 07/12/17 08/01/17

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